The Price of a Smile #03 — Power Lettuce

January 18th, 2019


How much better would it have been if they had instead been harnessing the awesome power of lettuce?


It was a toss-up between this or Index since I'm inclined at the moment to say "screw it" to both of them. Index absolutely had the stronger episode of these two shows this week, but it was also back to Accelerator and that entire secondary cast of characters when I already can't keep the primary ones straight. I'm giving this one the edge on the Personal Aroduc Factor though because it was all about infiltrating and raiding the enemy's strategic lettuce reserves. There's no way you can't make that not sound ridiculous. Okay, sure, they say that the enemy's using some new super-generator or something to create infinite food, but it's all lettuce. Shelves and shelves and shelves of lettuce. Lettuce as far as the eye can see. Lettuce everywhere. Nothing but lettuce sitting literally feet away from their doomsday uber-reactor. Because, first, if there's any food that we need an infinite quantity of, obviously it's lettuce. And second, who doesn't like their salads bathed in the glow of warming radiation by keeping them within spitting distance of massive nuclear, thermal, chemical, or whatever reaction is going on to create lettuce. Also, how the hell exactly do you convert massive amounts of energy to lettuce?

As for the rest, eh. Ditching the princess entirely automatically improves everything exponentially, but she's lurking in the shadows like expired milk, ready to come back. Stella is a far more compelling character, although she would've been more so had she actually shot a kid. Don't need to kill one, just make it clear that you're actually serious instead of shooting at the ground and smiling nihilistically. Actually, now that I think about it, that was probably the only little scene where she did much of anything. It was a good moment, but possibly only stands out because the rest of the episode was so dull. Aside from the lettuce, I mean. It's lettuce!


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • SlashZero says:

    Well, assuming you have all the Chemistry miracles worked out, there’s all the hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon you need floating around in an Earth-like atmosphere. So for an infinite supply of lettuce, they’d just need some trace minerals and energy. Beside all the other technology shown off in this series it’s not completely far-fetched.


  • abcd says:

    If someone could “fake” the Alpha Waves of the Sun to let grow Plants..

    Perhaps this reactor could do this thing, some kind of Ultra Violet Alpha?Gama?Jumbo? Rays that Plants need for photosynthesizing

    look at the Ice Land Greenhouses and you get nearly the gist


  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I still like Index, but man they’re trying me. A show about magic fighting turns into a show where terrorists want to shoot children in the face with AR-15’s?

    I like Item girl being all “they want me to join a team full of people who tried to kill me last week… that’s stupid.”

    And Stephanie Gorgeouspalace wins best fake Bond Girl name.


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