The Price of a Smile #01 — The Glory of Little Girls

January 4th, 2019


My patience is the price.

I was planning on at least finishing the arc Index was on, but it's off this week, so it's robbing me of even a clean cut. We'll see how I feel next week and/or after the other new Friday shows.


What a tiresome way to start this season. In a sane world, when the preadolescent ruler of the country is dressed down for being a naive sheltered twit with no understanding of politics or responsability, you'd think that would be the first step towards a well-deserved coup. Instead, she declares that she's gonna try her bestest, even though she has no actual goal or purpose. This is the triumphant show of iron will that puts everybody in their place and proves that she truly is the greatest ruler anybody could hope for. Loyalty is redoubled. She said she's gonna try real hard. The one who learned a lesson here wasn't the spoiled princess thoughtlessly skipping through a charmed life, but everyone else daring to question the divine right and her innocent feelings. Gag me.

But let's add insult to injury. Those mechs in the promos? The mech battles? It's actually all just a stupid video game that they play when someone feels the need to swing their dick around. Maybe there's also some actual fighting going on somewhere else. They do mention it and end the episode by going "We need to stop this fighting… for our great and glorious princess," but none of that was in this episode. Just a bunch of pissy teenagers playing a video game while one dour faced dude with a bad haircut nodded along and muttered "Yes, indeed. This is very serious and meaningful." In short, I detest virtually every single one of the characters, the action is just mediocre mecha clomping and explosions undercut by it all being a stupid video game, and the incessant, unrelenting nonsense about how the princess is so great despite being faced with zero challenges and still coming up wanting would be more fitting alongside The Disney Princess Mechandising Hour.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NeclordX says:

    I had more troubles with the production levels tan with the “””plot”””. If looks this bad the first episode I can see it get suspended halfway


  • Kitsu says:

    The main point should be girl x girl, is they forced a romance with Joshua will be embarrassed.


  • The Phantom says:

    I thought they were setting up a coup and get the annoying loli either controlled or killed, this is clearly not the case and I not enduring this annoying loli princess another episode.


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