Spec-Ops Asuka #03 — Warmups

January 25th, 2019


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Boy, this is really making the case for just fleeing back to Index. At least that has some cubes that it throws around. The galling part of this episode was the opening segment spending a few minutes on a magical girl actually using her powers and doing interesting things in an interesting place. She's then totally dropped from the episode and never mentioned nor not a part of anything else. Not that there's anything to be a part of. They kind of hang out, chat a little bit, hang out some more, chat some more, hang out some more, and then the episode ends. The good guys did jack squat this week but commiserate a little about how traumatic events are traumatic, and it'd be nice to put traumatic things in the past. That barely climbs to a throwaway padding conversation, let alone something to base an entire damn episode around. This season is really setting a new low for a lack of ambition and story across the board.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Shuffleair says:

    Index III is awful but at least your summaries/impressions made it more bearable. Now it’s just a total mess with more Accelerator shenanigans.