Spec-Ops Asuka #02 — Vague Feelings of Nothing

January 18th, 2019


Boy, the animation went from bad to atrocious.

I'm busy with some volunteer work tomorrow morning (and technically Sunday, but no shows then), so whatever I end up doing with Saturdays tomorrow isn't going to come until late afternoon/early evening.


Oh fantastic. We're going with that old canard, amnesia. Excuse me, a perception filter. So the muggle can't remember anything, but now has chronic feelings of vague anxiety and terror. Aaaand that's her entire contribution to the episode. And only ate up a third of it this time! Because we had to devote some time to dudes talking about how their day is going. Boy, this sure is some bureaucracy, right, man? Yeah, it sure is. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a footless dude strapped to a chair in the other room. So goes the first half. Christ, was that wasted time.

The second half was better, but that benchmark is low. It's still struggling with its own central thing of a character who wants out but is dragged back in. So far, she continues to jump back in at the drop of a hat. They also only barely got around to introducing the new nurse magic girl thing too; someone dragged into it by Asuka because of friendship, great power comes responsibility, so on and so forth, only for Asuka to run away and leave her holding the bag. So it really seems like she should have some kind of beef there. Or at the very least, an unhealthy obsession in some way. Or something. But there's not even the slightest hint of any of that this week. Just super friendship yay we're together again.

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