Pastel Memories #01 — Alternate Sense

January 7th, 2019


Nothing in this show follows any human logic.


Christ. Where to start? I guess with a broad overview of the story. Someone wanted a complete set of some manga, so all twenty some odd employees of a cafe with no customers spent the entire day scouring an alternate reality Akihabara where all anime and manga had failed to find them, Amazon, eBay, and phones not existing in this world despite their frequent use of cellphones. So they split up into groups of 1 or 3 for maximum inefficiency, and after tracking all of it (more or less) down, viruses from another dimension started eating the memories of that manga because did I also mention that they apparently travel to a magical dimension where they fight viruses at the behest of a floating demon rabbit? Because I guess they do. Note that magic is not introduced nor a part of the setting for the first twenty minutes of the episode. Everything just takes a sharp left turn at the end where it goes "Okay, bored. Let's be a magical girl show instead!" And then the episode ends before it follows through on that thought. Yeah, I was bored too, but I'm not the one who just did twenty minutes of boob shots and imbeciles running around squawking excitedly.

That summary probably makes the episode seem more exciting than it actually is. Most of it is the kind of imbecilic blowjob you expect from idol things directed instead at Akihabara and the generic notion of otaku stuff. As in one of them sees a maid costume and launches lavish praise on how it's the legendary maid costume of Akihabara. Most of it is just spent waxing saccharine about how wonderful it is that manga exists. Komugi… the original one, not that godawful recent series… had its thumb better on the pulse of 2018 otaku stuff back in 2002 than this does. At best, it's marketing. A commercial. An insincere skin-deep attaboy to otaku merchandising that I guess is going to turn into a magical girl show next week, unless it doesn't. Who knows.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    man, this looks dreadful in pretty much every single way


    David P says:

    Nonsense, you must support it, or viruses will eat the manga and anime industry!


  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Based on the general trend of anime the last several years, I might just root for the viruses.


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