Meiji Tokyo on my Head #01 — Pastel Bubble Nightmare

January 9th, 2019


Whoever invented that filter really missed out by not trademarking it.


I'm pairing these two shows together (Meiji Tokyo Romance and My Housemate Sits on my Lap and Sometimes on my Head) because both of them fall under the category of "drama but without any of the drama." One is tinged more in what people refer to as "slice of life" where one character is a cat, while the other is a tour of pretty boys, but both were made on shoestring budgets and both obviously want you to just focus on the shiny pretty boy stretched out and lounging in the sparkling lights. I'll give the edge to the boy harem one. Its humor (intention or not) largely came from how corny it was. Especially towards the end, it couldn't go thirty seconds without some bishie leaning in and the entire screen erupting into a pastel nightmare of sparkling pink romance. The cat thing's attempts at humor hinged more on the nonsensical and then made worse by repeating it. Both are exactly what they appear to be on the tins, and I've given as many brain cells to them and their ilk as I care to.

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