Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka #01 — With Great Power Comes Stupid Villains

January 11th, 2019


Distract them by massacring everything everywhere we go!


This was a script in bad need of another editing pass… and for its budget to be approximately doubled. The core is fine. Magical girl monsters of the sadistic/gory variety traumatized a magical girl and she doesn't want to fight any more, but is dragged by circumstances back into the battle against some new foes. Not breaking too many moulds, but there are worse paths it could tread, and it hits the major points that it needs to; establishing that she has a valid excuse to think that she gets people around her killed by magical girling, and that she's a badass who will cut people up without a second thought. That latter part did need some work. Named terrorist? Just gonna cut the legs off so he can face justice because I'm a good guy. I guess we're just ignoring the grunt she executed without a second thought. Consistency, please. Also, again, work on the animation, although since this is Liden Films, things are probably only going to get worse.

Where things really go awry a bit is everything involving the two muggles, which is idiotic. They gossip over how cool and mysterious this new student could be, despite having all those answers already given to us. Then they pick a physical fight with a litterer. The second place things go awry is that Petra Parker here never steps aside to let the mugger/terrorist kill Uncle Ben. Oh, she sort of refuses the call from her not-dad, but steps in at all other times, whether it's to beat up someone littering or because the world's evilest terrorists are roaming the streets killing bazillions. Hell, in the middle of it, she has a dramatic flashback to how she regrets not acting sooner in one of the previous incidents of mass destruction. And can we all appreciate how well-adjusted the entire world is given that it's been at most a couple years since it was apparently a regular occurance for monsters to spawn in the middle of cities and murder thousands? Even Marvel's cinematic universe hasn't been that blasé about mass destruction.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • David P says:

    I had the impression that given her military training and what she said, she spared the bad guy because he was a VIP criminal who the police likely needed (e.g., for interrogation, etc.) rather than out of a desire for justice.

  • abcd says:

    Perhaps she do not want to been seen or needed as “World Magical Girl Police!” anymore

    Imagine, Superman got feed up of this “I do not have any sort of own Private life, because every time i turn around the World is at its stake again”

  • NeclordX says:

    The production level was awful, but I must admit I loved the premise, specially the part with the murderer teddy bears.