Kaguya Has a Long Title #01 — Exposit Me This

January 12th, 2019


Please stop shouting at me.


I struggled to finish this episode, even more than the mermaid one. Maybe I wasn't fully awake yet. Maybe I've just become accustomed to tuning out the buzz of idol/girls club things into white noise while my mind wanders, thinking about aqua-physics. Whatever the case, it was no match for a show that thinks that excessive exposition constantly screamed at the audience and mugging overreactions for the camera are the highest form of comedy. That would be bad enough, but it also repeats itself constantly. Yeah, I get that (with no evidence), you've declared these characters to be geniuses. I don't need it repeated another three times every time one of them does something idiotic. SHE USED HER PUPPY DOG EYES! PUPPY DOG EYES CAN BE USED TO CONVINCE PEOPLE OF THINGS! HER PUPPY DOG EYES HAVE BEEN TRAINED FOR GENERATIONS AS PART OF HER GENIUS FAMILY TRAINING AND HER TRAINED PUPPY DOG EYES ARE ABLE TO CONVINCE ANYBODY! I had to pause and take a deep breath multiple times just for a little silence.

I suppose it at least has put energy into its visuals and improved slightly once we escaped the introductory one that ramped the "overwrought exposition is comedy" schtick up to 11, but that could also be that it stopped shouting at me quite so much. It could also be that the other segments were significantly shorter and didn't overstay their welcome or spin off into weird asides so it could deliver more 'joke' exposition explaining them. They were caught by surprise, and so craved sugar, so the first person to eat a bun on the other side of the room would be able to think, thus be able to come up with a plan to win. That's not a summary. That's an almost verbatim attempt at a joke from the episode. 

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    the appeal is yuudachi, she’s a good boat

    given the OP I thought it was going to be all out literal violence between them for comedic effect but that kinda fell out of fashion in the 90s. Then I remembered we’re going to be talking about the 2010s in the past tense relatively soon and died a little inside.


  • skyhack says:

    “Then I remembered we’re going to be talking about the 2010s in the past tense relatively soon and died a little inside.”

    Don’t say that around someone born in the 1950s… :)


  • dlp says:

    I thought the OP was well animated and entertaining, and the character design of the female lead was attractive.

    Otherwise, the only thing that got me through the episode was thinking how Tenka Seiha would ridicule it.

    Even that wasn’t enough and I only made it half way.

    This really would have been better as a short anime series. Or just left as a gag manga


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