Five Equal Brides #01 — Sparkly Harem

January 10th, 2019


Can we go a day without pastel sparklies?


And here we have the opposite of that time traveling boy harem thing from yesterday. By opposite, I mean the harem genders are reversed, and that's about it, because at least for the first half, we can't go a minute without the screen erupting into sparkles and a pastel background. Okay, so maybe there's a lot more boob bouncing and closeups of the chestal area straining impossibly against physics-defying clothing, but I would propose that means that the pretty boy show needs more plunging v-necks and shots of pectorals. The sad part is that I think the director was trying here, or perhaps was given a few more animators than he asked for and was struggling to find ways to use them, and rather than take a second pass at some of the jankier moments of art, went ahead and overanimated completely random things and tried to pass that off as comedy. Or maybe I'm just trying to rationalize meaning into some of the weirder exchanges. The one about how he dropped a piece of paper as he was passing by, involving multiple excited zooms, slow motions, and gasping reaction shots to explain it seems like something someone would do sarcastically, but it's… well… not.

Aside from some… misdirected excitement, I guess is the word…  from the animation and direction department, and the boobs, obviously, this doesn't have too much else to offer. The harem is a harem. The male sack of silt is a sack of silt. The 'plot' of the episode is a forced tour and one by one introduction to the harem and what the premise is going to be. I want to rag on it for going through some very old and very tired motions, but it's more than other shows lately have accomplished. Compared to fanservice harem drek of yesteryear like your Magikanos, Nagasetes Airantous, Loves Hinas, Girlses Bravos, so on and so forth though? This isn't bonkers at all, the fanservice is mild, the setup dull, and the characters duller.  

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  • NeclordX says:

    I haven’t read this but it felt rushed as fuck.


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