Endro~! #01 — Romancing the Anteape

January 12th, 2019


That single image, part of a montage no less, is way weirder than anything else in the episode.


One day, one of these will be another 2×2=Shinobuden, Milky Holmes, Daimahou Touge, or even Macademy. Today is not that day. I fear that it might think it is one of those subversive things though. The elf uses a hammer, you see. And the demon lord teacher is trying to actually kill them… sort of. Somebody could absolutely make something out of that, even if it's just more of a Tom and Jerry type deal. Not Gokumi probably, but somebody. Gokumi I think got as far as the frilly dresses and the one that looks like a tentpole with three watermelons stacked on top, and decided that was probably all they really needed.

It's four girls. They hang out. They do their best. Each one is a different pastel color. Those are all the aspects of a Gokumi show, right? Throw in a cat-ear golem and a faux opening-ending sequence and whew, is anybody else all tapped out of creative thoughts? Montage the adventure part and let's call it an episode. 

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  • anise_punter says:

    I know winter is usually the season of low animation budgets, but this is getting ridiculous, maybe the bubble is close to popping.


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