Dororororororo #01 Part 3 — Re-Re-Origin Story

January 21st, 2019


We're never escaping the prologue, are we?


If you were feeling clever because you were able to connect the dots between the prosthetics dude finding a mutilated baby and a guy covered in prosthetics existing later, or demons stealing body parts from a baby and later, a dude killing demons gives him body parts back, then this episode isn't for you. If you knew this because you read anything at all about the show, then you were already a month ahead of the story. This episode was dedicated to connecting the dots that everybody with half a brain was able to connect at minimum, two weeks ago, and at worst, whenever you first read the premise of the show. Maybe next week, we can have Dororo's origin story where we learn that she's a traveling orphan. I don't even know what more there is to say about this stupid episode. I guess it was supposed to be the backstory for the prosthetics dude, but bloody why? Who cares? We already know the only interesting part of him, that he makes sword arms. It does nothing to move the characters or story forward. All it accomplishes is explicitly connecting the dots to make sure all the people who somehow hadn't connected the dots yet were all caught up, and did so with minimal effort and no attempt to do much of anything other than that.

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