Dorororororo #04 — Swan Song

January 28th, 2019


Has whoever's writing these scripts taken Writing 101?


Better than last week (although it's hard to think of how an episode couldn't be), but the writing remains a complete disaster befitting Mappa. The dynamic duo stumbles across a woman, and then seconds later stumbles across her supposedly missing brother despite being in her backyard and can't help but murder everyone within 15 feet of him who's stuck with a cursed sword. After disarming him, Dororororo ends up with it. Okay, setup is uninspired, but fine. Where are we going from here? Well, the dude immediately reveals that, yeah, the sword's evil, but he's an unrepetent psychopath anyway. So then we get sucked into a flashback to get his backstory about how a different psychopath forced him to use a sword people claimed was cursed to slaughter a mob of peasants for giggles. And then Hyakkimaru fights him again and kills him, thus regaining his ears.

What exactly was the narrative meant to be here?  At the absolute minimum, they could've pretended like the guy was free from the curse before the shocking reveal that man was the true monster all along, but they didn't even do that. He's evil. He's still evil. Flashback to… yep, still evil. Aaaand evil and dead. Origami swans. Much tragedy… I guess?  If they wanted bonus points, they could've even made it some kind of sound based monster, but okay. Asura in a sword ate his ears and then I guess sat in a shed getting rusty. This is what we're going with. Why not? Nothing this season makes any sense anyway. At least it's not more nuclear lettuce.

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