Boogiepop #03 — Fast Forward

January 11th, 2019


Kind of thought it was gearing up to a lot more than this.


Having already done a quick glance through the glut of Friday shows before sitting down to watch, they appear to not be making it easy for me by seeming to all improve across the board. That said, this still isn't anybody's A effort, although I could also see it being cleaned up in the future. I'm not sure how else to take the brief rooftop fight scene. It just plain looks unfinished, what with the missing frames all over the place. It's not the only thing that "unfinished" could apply to though, as after the first episode was a mind-numbing exercise in tedium, this blasted straight through to the end. If you were hoping for Manticore and Whose-Its to be any kind of formidible antagonists, tough beans. No sooner than the search begins than they out themselves and start trying to kill everybody, only to get nuked, dismembered, and shot through the head in the time it takes to microwave popcorn.

Arc complete, I guess? In the sense that the antagonists have been dispatched and the episode ends with multiple characters saying "Huh, well, I guess everything's back to normal now." Not how I'd describe a school that just had about a dozen murders, particularly from the people who just watched multiple dismemberments, throat slittings, and literally shot a monster through the face, but you do you. I'm also at a loss as to what character or story arc there was supposed to be here. The narrative shenanigans from the first two episodes were just leading to a quick end where the baddies stupidly picked a fight that they couldn't win because the good guys pulled magic powers, including goddamned "throat cutting doesn't count, uh, aliens powers" out of their asses before the titular character just waltzes in and one-shots them as their only contribution to events at all. This is supposed to be the strong introductory arc?

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