An Angel Flew Down to Me! #01 — Predatory Behavior

January 8th, 2019


"It's cultural."


If we go all the way back to last season, there was a show about a pedophile moving into a house so that she could grope and harass a little girl. Here, we have the same thing, except without the six pack. Which turns out to be a fairly significant omission since it means that the show is an almost nonstop parade of the following exchange: "Let me touch you and rub you and take sketchy pictures of you. Oh, but not like a pervert." "That is like a pervert." And then they figure out ways to convince the child prey to go along with it, usually bribes of candy. This is a show badly in need of a followup PSA about not taking candy from strangers in windowless vans, because its stance on it seems is apparently "Those silly innocent people obsessed with little children. What could be more harmless than that?"

And no, there's nothing else to talk about here besides that. There's girls. They exist. The jokes are as mentioned above, trite recitation of how the situation appears to be (and is) disturbing, and then the punchline is declaring that it is indeed disturbing. Sometimes, the writing takes it up to the next level and the predator drools about how much of a creep they're being before it's pointed out. That's all the content. All of it. There is no story or character anything here, not even to the level of Pokemon or Hamtaro. Nada. The end.

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  • jgoi says:

    These need a shake up like making the pedo-lady a futa, also turn it into uncensored porn.


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