Zombieland Saga #11 — Woe Is Sakura

December 13th, 2018


Twentyfive straight minutes of it.


I expect nothing from this show at this point, and we get nothing. An entire episode of Sakura moping around. Doesn't even stop moping around by the end, which means this second go round at "woe is Sakura, being a zombie sucks so much, being an idol is so hard" is going to last longer than the first time they did it at the start of the show. Even if you wanted to take this approach, you could at least have some pitch and flow to the episode instead of just one incessant, monotone banging on the drum for twenty five goddamned minutes with no build up to anything at all. It starts with "my non-life sucks" and ends with "my non-life sucks."

So in the spirit of banging on that same drum, something that could've salvaged it at least a little would have been eating some dudes. Since she doesn't believe in the idol stuff now, lean into that depression and have her eat some of their biggest fans, sabotaging the show and their friendship. Would've have made things good, but would have at least given a little more weight to when she inevitably rediscovers her belief in herself/friendship/being an idol, and provided some visceral amusement and soap opera level of drama.


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    It looks like rss is broken again, if you didn’t know.


    Aroduc says:

    Looks okay to me. What's the issue?


    Anonymous says:

    Uh, it seems the most recent browser update just removed all the built in features I used. Sorry about that.


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