Ulysses #09 — Wherein Monmon Finally Does Something

December 9th, 2018


Besides make out with an adolescent, obviously.


I'm glad that we've just dropped the time limit thing. It was stupid. Oh, wait. The writers just decided that ten minutes of actual time (plus skips) would be a minute or two of in-anime time. Right. And oh god. She's having a tantrum about the fake marriage thing while he's just going to sit there and stammer. I don't even understand why she would be attached to him at all. Sure, if you had been playing up that she's completely addicted to the magic juices that make her nigh-omnipotent and horny as hell, but not that they're some kind of star crossed lovers. Good thing they immediately drop that too for no particular reason.

Anyway, for whatever nonsense reason, that's enough to get him to deep throat the rest of the stone which I guess apparently instead of what it did to her, gives him psychokinesis. Or maybe that was supposed to be magic wind powers? Oh, and it also made Cthulhu appear out of nowhere to destroy the world. Seriously. A writhing mass of tentacles covered the sky, promising apocalypse and the end of the world, because he ate a rock. We went from fighting cowardly soldiers and maybe a dozen archers for two months, and jumped straight to colossal interdimensional hellbeasts. It was debatable before this week if the cast could even handle a particularly large brunch. But sure, let's stumble into a random encounter with the gaping maw of oblivion.

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