Release the Spyce #11 — Drugging Friends and Family

December 15th, 2018


That seems excessively irresponsible.


They're trapped by the enemy, cut off from all their support, not to mention the vets are out of action… so it's time for the rookies to band together and use all their special skills to… Wait. Nah, let's just go ahead and reset essentially all of that. Do the writers even remember that Fuu was supposedly a master of disguise? Cause that seems like something that should be coming up in pitting her against Mei, not to mention characters rapidly zipping from one encounter to the next. No? We've just forgotten about it entirely and they'll have 20 seconds of punchies before both wandering off again? Okay then.

The weirdest part was probably the rather abortive bit where they remembered that they have family and friends who might be in danger, so they drugged and kidnapped them. Gee, why didn't Peter Parker ever think of that? But it's just about 60 seconds of random filler for characters that virtually didn't exist for 95% of the show's run. The second weirdest is that they left the least convincing 'death' from last episode unresolved. Not that surprising considering the entire Hatsume arc has been relegated to happening off-screen since its introduction, but you'd think she'd be the one to come waltzing up to continue doing nothing. No doubt she'll be saving Whose-Its from the wrist slash off-screen.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kitsu says:

    And oh course they´re alive, they can make a last they stay out of the combat a last.


  • kenuran says:

    Oh booooooy it suuuure is looking like with how Mei probably unscrewed Goe’s restraints and had to pry that extra info about the big gas machine from Kurara, that she running that double agent thing that anyone can see coming a mile away.

    Yuki not dying because she had hidden ketchup packets on her is pretty funny though.


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