Release the Spyce #09 — Date Week

December 1st, 2018


Time to sit back and remember for no particular reason.


My first reaction to this episode was "Oh, god. We're going to be doing a Trevelyan thing here, aren't we?" As usual though, that at least appears to be giving the show too much credit. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the Hanzo's old poobah turned up again. Lord knows this has shied away from anything that serious so far, and vanishing in an explosion in the distance is far from convincing, but the focus was clearly on trying to play up how the antagonist we've known about since I think episode one is actually some long-running antagonist who they have all sorts of past with, and just I guess somehow didn't realize that this member of the same organization they've been fighting for years is still part of it. Seems like this episode would've been the perfect chance to reveal some masked or unknown character who had been pulling the strings was the ally they thought had died previously, especially with all the mind control crap this show has going around.

It does beg the question of what the point of the episode was if they're not bringing Whose-It back from the dead though. It's not like they have any particular relationship with the antagonist that the overly long flashback revealed or expanded on, nor did we learn anything new about Hanzo and pals through it. It's the origin story of her eyepatch, but god only knows what kept this from coming two months earlier.


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