Ulysses #06 — Heart to Heart

November 11th, 2018


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What a truly bizarre episode. I was thinking for a moment that it was going to be a somewhat decent one with its early focus on action, despite introducing a new character who Charlie had found time in her busy schedule of being a traumatized shut-in to sexually trauamatize and psychologically scar herself. He proceeded to be a complete nonentity in ongoing events. Then Jeanne shoved her tongue down Monmon's throat like usual and it started going on a weird rant about how she constantly kissing her has made him want to bone her, but the solution is to bone a magical sex doll that lives inside the stone, and after that, he'll never want to bone a human girl again.

Then things happened off screen and the girl-brother started crying about how much he was going to be raped. And then both Jeanne and Phil had their hearts stabbed out. That's not the deathblow it used to be though, I guess. You'd think that would be the cliffhanger, but they spent like two minutes explaining how A.) The two were magic and that wouldn't actually kill them, and B.) It was a magic arrow and so it would actually kill them. And then their chest wounds literally exploded, launching one into the air.

Also, they've all but dropped the godawful CGI and are just going with stills, but compared to the crazy-pants turns the writing took, that seems like a pretty minor thing. 


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