Ulysses #05 — Back To Raping

November 4th, 2018


Like this season doesn't have enough of that.

Remember, if you're in the US, then due to daylight savings, everything happens an hour 'earlier' since Japan doesn't celebrate it.


Okay, so only one of them was threatened with imminent rape. The other is merely the victim of a plot to have a bunch of old men molest her under the pretense of inspecting her virginity. And of course, we need to be as creepy about it as possible, complete with imagined mob of fat old men flexing their fingers in anticipation as she's forced to strip. All shown, obviously. Richemont comes off worse though. For supposedly being the capable character of the group, she sure does get helplessly molested a lot, followed by wallowing in angst.

Not that anybody fared well in this episode though. The bad guy's big plan was to declare this stupid virginity thing, and then lead a mob of about two dozen people to the gate. And it worked. Monmon then just went out and… did jack. Got stomped on a little, I guess before being saved. And that's all that was really needed. At that point the animators got into some absinthe laced with mothballs, because for the epilogue, the camera was going bonkers and things got super CGI. That still somehow made it the most exciting part of the episode, a rollercoaster of bizarre camera angles and animation.


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