Sword of the Emperor #06 — Pause Button

November 5th, 2018


I'm pretty tired of this show and may be done with it.


You might call this a breather episode, but god only knows what it's taking a breather from. It left me with time to contemplate where I'd prefer the show to go and if it was ever going to get there. The evil empire is missing any excuse for being a totalitarian nightmare. They could use the monsters apparently roaming the countryside, or invent some eviler empire that they need to maintain absolute order to keep the people safe, but all we see is them creating bigger war machines and murdering the populace. But since there's a little girl in charge and she has a pet slave who made her a pet robot sheep, we're supposed to see them as Not All Bad. She just gleefully ordered the razing of a dude's countryside after mocking that he was scared to engage in a suicide attempt to assassinate the Nazi head of the Nazi empire. Not really buying it.

On the good guy side, they could be using either sister in a quest for vengeance, or just traveling the countryside, fighting injustice while killing monsters, etc etc. But they're not doing that either. Every other episode, Armless does something emotional over being armless, then spends an episode moping around. Her sister is pretty much the same, but since it's one step removed, is even less convincing about it. You've got plenty of reasons to be taking the fight to something, and you've been given the power of demigods. Literally every challenge you have faced instantly melted before you. Yet we're still just moping around, reluctant to do a damn thing. And I really can't say that I see this changing until maybe the last few episodes, and even then, will probably take Armless getting thrown in a dungeon as the Designated Sufferer.

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    I am pretty much only watching the slime show at this point.