Million Arthur #04 — Good Guy With a Gun

November 15th, 2018


This episode brought to you by the NRA.


I'm continuing my one-man crusade regarding for (against?) this show based solely on nobody else in the English speaking world being subjected to it. Also, because it continues to kind of horrify me in ways I find hard to describe. This week's episode featured a teenager going on a shooting spree because her dad lost a contest. Except it turns out that everyone already knew the other woman was a fraud, so she was just attempting to kill all her former friends and family for no reason. That's right. The villain of the week is a teenager who found a random gun, and decided to take out as many people as possible based on debunked nonsense. How topical.

There are multiple disturbing parts to this, the largest one being that her gun was turning people into takuan (takuan is to daikon what pickles are to cucumbers). Her brother used takuan nunchukus, and just went ahead and kept eating it the whole episode. In other words, there is a very real chance he was using his fellow townspeople as a weapon and that he probably ate some dude. The other big one is that the character of the week, Twintail Lynx is the character of the week because her tragic past is… I don't even know what that was supposed to be. She was standing next to some old cultist looking dude while captives were executed. There was a sniper rifle then. There's a sniper rifle now. The circle is complete.


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