Million Arthur #03 — Boys Day Out

November 8th, 2018


My contrarian side is asserting itself.


I'm not really watching this, just deeply curious about it. What about this show in particular has made it radioactive to translation? Of all the abject crap that gets picked up and excitedly marketed months in advance, what is it about this show that has made it untouchable nearly a month in? This is a sprawling franchise… a Square-Enix one at that… with six games in a variety of genres. Did someone forget to budget the *checks notes on going rate for anime translators these days* $13.82 per episode to get someone on this? I honestly and truly find it baffling.

If you're interested in the actual episode, I think they split up into three teams to take down rogue Excaliburs or something, two of which were perverts with an Excalibur whip and an Excalibur flute, but mostly, it was centered on the two guys infiltrating a mining town where a dude was mining magic ore to make an army of killer robots. He had Excalibur drill-hands. He beat him by punching the drill hands until they, uh, stopped being drill hands, I guess. Victory achieved, all the girls on the team assume they're boning. It would probably be a step up. The writing here compares favorably to far too many other shows this season.


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