Million Arthur #02 — Child Predation

November 1st, 2018


A lot of bad ideas went into this episode.


This was originally just a one sentence blurb attached to the Zombieland Saga post, but I'm feeling spiteful right now, and am also kind of fascinated that a show exists that isn't being simulcast in this day and age. The episode was bad at any rate. Probably worse than the first since it joined the ranks of shows this season featuring a rapist in the opening episode(s). But it's just goofy, see? Because then the protagonist is doing the same thing at the end. You could've stuck to the leering at the skeleton joke, guys, but you didn't. It also says a lot that his trump card was to use his x-ray glasses to look at the protagonist naked. The exhibitionist protagonist who spent most of the first episode either in the bath, trying to use her cleavage to inspire teenagers to respect and admire her, and began this episode at a group breakfast in nothing but an apron and a smile. I would say "That's probably why this isn't simulcast," but I don't think any of us are that naive.


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