Zombieland Saga #02 — Rap Battle

October 11th, 2018


You know, this would've been the perfect excuse to do the entire script in rap.


I wonder if there's some kind of fight going on in the writer's room with the script. There's one faction that clearly wants to make this all about the glory of being an idol. Then there's another faction that thinks it would be hilarious if zombie girls were suddenly jumped by a bunch of roaming rappers, beatboxing at them for a date, only for a cop to ironically rap back at them. There's also a faction who wanted to make Danganronpa, but they seem to be losing the fight. Or perhaps biding their time. They're making their presence shown in small ways though, like the geisha providing the guitar track to the rap off.

I was correct in my assumption last week that they were going to be making their way through different styles as the climax of this episode was an angry rap battle that brought together and confronted every little conflict in the episode. Unfortunately, even with the presentation itself in line, it amounted to little more than "believe in yourself!" which is an opiate this medium needs a break from. Not entirely sure where they're getting the talent for this, and can't help but think that something like iZombie's assimilation of eaten brains would smooth things over on that front, but taking this show particularly seriously would be a mistake. Then again, next week is apparently underground concerts with extra CGI-y dancing. I still find the ringmaster dude more obnoxious than humorous, but he has his moments, usually when cut off by the direction in mid yell, or berating them for stupidity. The whole thing could use a lot less screaming in general though.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    I’m for one I’m having genuine fun with this show.


  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I liked episode one where main girl had to guide around a bunch of mindless zombies, but less so episode two, where they’re all getting on the same page of being awesome idols who are awesome or whatever. If Tae-Chan ever “wakes up,” this show will just become regular idol trash, instead of just idol trash with an interesting gimmick.


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