Zombieland Saga #01 — Monster Mash

October 4th, 2018


I was hoping for more severed limbs.

My work schedule is weird for the next week or so because I need to cover some things in a different timezone. Don't expect this kind of early coverage going forward, or to be anything better than haphazard even for this week.


Well, at least it doesn't spend the entire episode pretending to be a sappy obnoxious thing and quickly gets to the main character being pancaked. Then again, that's when the buttrock kicks in and it starts screaming its head off. And I have bad news for anybody who was hoping this would be something like idols vs zombies. It's not. It's zombies pretending to be idols. Or rather, some dude who has created a stable of slave zombies which he slathers with makeup and then uses as his own personal stable of slave idols. The sole one who still has her sentience intact (at least until the closing seconds of the show) is 'humorously' forced to manage them and keep them from eating anybody while in public. Less a zombie show, more a kind of weird idol comedy with a very shouty soundtrack.

That collectively probably seems like biting social commentary, but literally last season we had a show about the yakuza using sexual reassignment surgery to create a stable of slave idols, and a couple further back, had one about stone busts of Roman emperors as idols. The marketing claims that this would be a new twist on the zombie formula are ringing a little hollow. If anything, it's mocking the punk scene more than idols, as they're trained to just scream and headbang, which the crowd eats up. Maybe they're going to be working their way through all the genres of music, since next week's episode seems to be about hiphop. I do think it's strange enough to take a second look to get a better idea where it's going, but if you're expecting anything other than Yet Another Pop Star Comedy, dial your expectations way waaaaaaaaay back.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    idols are brainless zombies? i thought you would be on board

    PP says:

    So just more of the usual.

  • gridsleep says:

    I feel sorry for the dog.

  • Anonymous says:

    Also what are the others Side effects of Zombies? You can work them to death, because they already are. No Sleep, No Eat & Drink, No Pause, No Holidays and so on…

    Not the best decision to make this animated