Ulysses #03 — Thirsty Girl

October 21st, 2018


Got to fill the fanservice quotient with something!


The writing this week was something else. They skipped over the fight at the start, couldn't decide what excuse to use for how Jeanne knew about the fake princess so used both the fairy pointing to the real one (which literally everyone ignored) and then made up a goofy "it was the boobs" excuse after the fact. But wait, there's more. Fight 2.0 has Jeanne ambushed and her arm immediately broken. We know this because the dude declares it, and then she declares that she can't fight with it either. So she'll be fighting without an arm right? They just spent about 30 minutes explaining that. Nope. It just heals right up and they start talking about how hard it is to fight in an enclosed space… with a giant hammer being the advantaged thing. You sure about that, guys?

And then there's Richemont's backstory dump. Good god, Richemont's backstory. She's pissy because he never came to save her, except that she betrayed them in the first place, but that's not why she's in the dungeon. She's in the dungeon because after someone attempted to rape her, she re-defected back (and so never needed saving at all), and pissed off some nobles by being too justicey, apparently. At least the story is more or less moving though, even if it's just in the direction of marshalling the harem. And we didn't have to suffer through a ten minute explaination of anybody's powers. No, it was a mere two to three minute repetition of the dumb time limit gimmick thing and Richemont's double dumb backstory. No less dumb, but a different flavor, I suppose. And kudos to the show for joining the season's theme of Everybody Gets Raped (or Threatened With It). 

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    The Problem with this show is simply. It resolve all around this Black Hood guy. Nothing with him get resolved, the Ladies so far are just puppets. Sure strong puppets, but as you can see for yourself in how far this goes without him. he is surly the ultima weapon to silence or one hit an enemy

  • LoliHat says:

    I can put up with a lot of shenanigans when it comes to historical settings. Want to introduce magic or something like that? Go ahead! Want to simply tweek things so that it is only based on history? Feel free! But this show abuses it to the point of just stealing historical names.

    I drew the line at the lack of Salic Law (which was kinda the big point about deciding who the King of France would be).