Ulysses #01 — Extended Prologue

October 7th, 2018


There sure are a lot of busty females named after dudes in this show.


What a goddamned boring episode. I guess at least it didn't imply that the one girl was raped though. Yet. It's kind of a weird episode to start with since it's the kind of thing most shows do in about a two minute burning village blurb at the start. Boy has harem, member of harem runs off to war, boy summons fairy to create super weapon to weaponize harem, oops timeskip forward and everyone's tripled in hair length and quintupled in cup size. You can, as they demonstrate, hide an entire broadsword in that cleavage.

So the distinct impression at the end of it is not only did not much happen in the episode, but we're going to be spending future episodes reintroducing everybody and prattling on about how much they've changed from their childhood harem status to still-also-children-but-with-bigger-boobs harem status. It's also just the usual "war bad" crap. Yeah, we can all get behind that, but you're going to have to personalize it in some way, guys. Get to the Jekyll and Hyde Jeanne quickly, show, because Sunday are looking like total crap this season.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    Ok, this one was…something else. A whole new level of bad in every front that puts to shame even magic battle school harems and isekai. IT was…beyond words.
    Although I must admit that setting it in actual France and adding actual chirstianity there was bold, but it only makes it more dumb that already is.
    Honestly, I feel that I haven’t seen anything this bad in years.

  • anise_punter says:

    “There sure are a lot of busty females named after dudes in this show.”

    This is legitimately the biggest reason why I can’t get into the expanded fate/universe

    Neclord X says:

    Which makes now less sense than ever. Because originally Heroic spirits had some serious requeriments so if you wanted to add a girl you had to twist some male character because there wasn’t enough women that met those requeriments.

    But now that anyone with a Wikipedia article can be a servant seems kind of pointless genderbend people when you can just add famous women.