The Girl in Twilight #02 — Pimp Your Daughter

October 8th, 2018


I bet this isn't even the stupidest parallel world they visit.


I would say that I think I understood what they were going for, but since this is anime, there's a good chance that they're completely oblivious to what a shallow bitch they're making the character of the fortnight to be. Also, I'm assuming that this arc will needlessly only be a fortnight, which is a shakey guess at best. If next week is as void of content as this week, I may not stick around to find out when exactly it's going to stop. This was a very, very boring episode, ostensibly centered on the one with giant twintails going to a world where the girls have to get married when they turn 17. She's pissy about it because her real dad is dead/gone and she hates her stepdad for daring to be in a relationship with her mother, but then changes her mind completely when she finds out she's marrying a male model.

Meanwhile, on the 'plot' side of the arc, Asuka2 drags them all to a classroom to explain that different timelines exist. That's it. That's the entirety of the rest of the cast's deal for this week. I suppose it does lay down what the format is going to be going forward. Each character will do their own thing in some parallel world tailored to something about them. This was a pretty godawful starting bit though, both going slowly and with a character being a completely unlikeable brat every step of the way with some really godawful attempts at humorously completely misunderstanding basic words all they could come up with to fill the gaps.

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