Sword of the Yellow Emperor #04 — Now It’s Personal

October 22nd, 2018


Because the razing of their homes, dismemberment of her sister, and enslavement of her BFF weren't, I guess.


Too much time is still spent being just plain boring as the story crawls along, mostly in inconsistent and self-conflicting ways. Five minutes of watching the empress bathe, followed by offhandedly revealing that there are apparently giant monsters constantly roaming the countryside. That seems like a fact worth knowing at some point before the fourth episode. How exactly were these pastoral villages with no defenders so peaceful exactly when they were apparently next door to man-eating cyclopes? It also continues to have no real idea what it's doing with magic. The evil empire expresses disbelief that a mere few people could possibly defeat a single robot, but the rebels are like "So, I hear you're a magical warrior of super destiny too. Neat." Nor does it help that the genius boy's genius has a distinctly Wesley Crusher air about it. Look, he'll just overclock the tachyon field and BAM, everything fixed.

On the other side of things, I guess this was supposed to be the main girl (I still haven't remembered anybody's names) call to battle. Okay, sure, I understand the refusal of the call in the whole heroic development/journey thing, but we've already passed the burning of the Skywalker moisture farm, the death of Uncle Ben, so on and so forth. All that happens here is that her sister is threatened, and that's enough to make her go berserk. And… that's basically it for them this week period. She whines about not wanting to kill people, and then as soon as something she cares about is threatened, starts killing people. Then the episode is just over. Was this supposed to be a character arc? Her being pushed to the limits of her naive views in the face of a literal evil empire? That was a lot of tearful crying about clinging to the moral high ground only to immediately abandon it, lady, and I'm not even sure why the previous dismemberment of your sister didn't evoke the same, or even more of an emotional response while we're at it. Didn't count because the flashback ordering mussed that all up? Probably.

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    The bigger that better path is an illusion. History in WW2 already told us that. Only if the holder of the Big items/Warmachines controls the arc enemy element. if you have Air superiority then go, but if not good lucky big bad Punchbag

    Maus, Yamato and other “bigger then better” Illusions


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