Sword of the Yellow Emperor #03 — Better Living Through Cybernetics

October 15th, 2018


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Chinese Final Fantasy isn't faring much better. How many times are they going to tragically raze a village and torture/kill children, exactly? Every single episode? It's not hard to sort of see what they're doing, unleashing their friend's newfangled weapon on them, but we've moved from CGI robot tops to CGI robots pushing lawn mowers, and they still go down to a single swing of the magic sword. The thing they're doing with the armless sister is potentially far more interesting, on many levels. She's getting actually turned into a weapon with her new arms, and is the one stepping up to the plate to execute people for being genocidal nutjobs rather than just preach about how all fighting and all conflict is bad, even if it's to stop mass murder and/or war machines overrunning the countryside. Sure, I can get behind a "I don't kill because I'm not like you/I'm a good guy" approach, but we're literally standing in the middle of a razed, murdered village, and you're giving a speech about how you don't want to fight. I can think of a few things that should be motivating you right now, missy.

Mostly, I want the damn thing to get on with it, but am pretty sure that's not happening for a while, if at all. Three damn episodes of burning down the village origin story and two out of three of the main characters are dullards. The third isn't much better close, but I could at least see her taking a more hardline approach and actually becoming girl Punisher or whatever. That comment I made in the first episode about Team Fireball seeming out of place is also feeling more and more prescient as both they continue to not be a part of anything and the show fumbles around the magic (and magic cyborgs) every step of the way. Maybe I should just be happy it's not spending entire scenes reviewing the guidebook and reading from the dungeon master's notes like some slime based shows I might be able to name.

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  • The Phantom says:

    This looks gorgeous, and thats all it has going on for it, its predictable as hell and frankly boring, the first episode was good yes, the rest not so much, I had more fun with the Bunny Girl show tbh.


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