SSSS Gridman #04 — Unplug It and Plug It Back In

October 27th, 2018


That's really what we're going with for fixing things this week?

First time ever Spyce Girls's broadcast won't be delayed. Instead, this one was.


Really not sure what the point of this episode was. It was mainly focused on the antagonist girl again plumbing the good guys for information, something random setting her off, and then just back to trying to kill the people who 'wronged' her. It seemed briefly like they might be mixing it up and having a more stealth approach to her murder spree with a more clandestine fog-enshrouded killing rather than giant stompy monsters… right up until they revealed that it was a giant stompy monster creating a giant fog storm, which it then threw out the first time that any protagonist encountered it. So the fog was there to obscure it from… that one dude, I guess?

At this point, Anti then declared himself to be the Vegeta of the show and no monster besides him was allowed to fight Gridman and we get to our aforementioned random computer crash, resolved by unplugging it and plugging it back in, whereupon everything was easily mopped up. Perhaps the weirdest part is that they didn't dole out each of the individual accessories but just threw all of them into the field at once. Kind of makes me wonder if this episode was originally supposed to be a filler one for later in the run. 

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