SSSS Gridman #03 — Eating Problems

October 20th, 2018


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Third week, third delay for Spyce Girls. One day, it'll air on time, but that day's not today.


Well, this episode did get to the actual giant monster and such a lot sooner, and I feel like when Sword-Guy crashed through the classroom to grab him was the first moment the show's genuinely come alive in any fashion that didn't scream TOY COMMERCIAL. The ragey homeless kid they're using as a rival fared less well. It seemed for a while that he'd be over and done with this week as maybe a failed friendship for the girl sidekick (and maybe give her a point), but they abandoned that after one scene. And yet, he's still apparently sticking around for another go despite having no personality except screaming rage and poor table manners. Gridman also didn't nigh-immediately win for the first time, so in theory, you might say it's the first real challenge he faced. 

In theory. In practice, he disappears for a third the episode after an attack, then just comes right back for no adequately explained reason, picks up another transforming accessory sidekick (this time a big dude that turns into a truck that turns into big arms) and we go through the same song and dance as always. Perhaps worse, they have a little girl sidekick also on deck. I think this is Trigger trying to insert their 'wacky' designs into the show, but the marketing department is still firmly holding the reins.


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  • anise_punter says:

    Surprisingly entertaining for a Trigger show!