SSSS Gridman #02 — Deus Ex Samurai

October 13th, 2018


Or is it deus ex tech support?

If you're wondering about Goblin Slayer, the second episode was almost entirely spent in flashbacks or hanging around the guild lobby. Then there was about two minutes of posing while watching a goblin village burn, and that was the entire episode. Only rape this week was in flashbacks to the first episode, so it had to have a new character sleep naked or parade around in her underwear for the 'fanservice' instead. That's literally all she did, which still beats every other character, in content and animation. I think we're done there. Also, reminder, Spyce Girls airs ridiculously late, and like last week, it already has a (slight) delay) on schedule. I'll get to it when it comes.


Not tremendously different from the first episode. I guess the focus was supposed to be on the crazy antagonist girl and the sidekick samurai tech support, but neither are all that interesting, nor did they do much that wasn't stupid. I'm definitely counting him wandering into their house, poking a couple buttons enabling all of a sudden the sidekicks are also 'awakened' or whatever to seeing the giant monsters, and then turning right back around and leaving as very stupid. Turning into a giant sword add-on (for only $10 more!) manages to be considerably less so, even if it did rob the other sidekicks of literally any agency at all this week. You'd think he'd take over tech support and make them be the inanimate macguffins.  

I think him getting momentarily stuck in a door was probably his high point, and the girl didn't really have one. She's just a vindictive sociopath living on a mountain of trash, creating giant monsters to kill people for every little slight. I suppose it fits a more cartoonish approach, but they're still splitting the difference here between goofy toy commercial and mopey melodrama, and neither are doing much for me. I also have the sneaking (blaring, really) suspicion that all she 'really' needs is a friend to stop being a murderous jackass, but it's not like any of the cast is capable of carrying a conversation yet, let alone forming that kind of emotional anything.


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  • ark noir says:

    Gridman is to tokusatsu giant hero genre what aquaman is to DC universe….a big nothing.

    Goblin Slayer is one of the most overrated animes in recent years. The MC an archetypal emo Batman and all it needs is for MC to find Joe Chill goblin and make peace..


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