Senran Kagura 2 #02 — Simple Geometry

October 19th, 2018


They do know what triangles look like, right?

Juliet's (ugh, I guess I'm covering that at least one more week based on the terribleness of Fridays) broadcast was hugely delayed due to volleyball. It's technically still on the schedule, but it'll be a while… unless some 'simulcast' preempts it.


I'm serious. Did nobody think this out? A shoots at B, B shoots at A, C is shooting at apparently nothing, so the three shots intersect in mid-air and all connect. And yes, that's an important part of this episode because it's the closest anything came to being written by a human being rather than some kind of sentient penis, or a horny thirteen year old, which is virtually the same thing. So much for the end of last week meaning that it was going to be turning semi-serious again. This entire thing was just parading around in bikinis or dissolving bikinis.

Not that I should expect anything better from this franchise, but the first season was better than this. Wasn't it? Wasn't there more to it than just a nonstop parade of giant boobs and speedlines? Not that it was good, but it wasn't this unambitious and insubstantial. Probably because the cast list wasn't so goddamned bloated. It even uses the same damn cliffhanger this week as it did last week. I guess there's nothing here anymore but poorly animated wildly jiggling balloon boobs.

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