Release the Spyce #03 — Crack and Sex Workers

October 20th, 2018


Forget them, there's a shipment of killer robots.


Pretty much the same core issue as last episode, but maybe a little more palatable since it was almost entirely spent on doing ninja stuff. It's still missing the big epiphany that would be the climax to these episodes, or specific hurdles for them to overcome or lessons to learn. It's still just Momo Does Her Best, but sucks at it for a while, and then Momo Does Her Best, and it works, so everyone celebrates how much she's Done Her Best and is now a full fledged whatever… again. I'm already out of things to say about that. Learning the lesson about believing in yourself is all well and good, but you can't keep going to this well time and time and time again, especially predicated on nothing but just kind of having a bad day. 

This episode also had a bit of a weird dissonance in the filler stuff in the first half. We have the Big Bads doing wacky Dr Eggman things with robots, weird drugs, gimmicky midbosses, etc. They're the ones we're supposed to be taking seriously. The dude slipping cocaine into restaurant food? The human traffickers kidnapping girls to use as sex slaves? That's just silly filler stuff to pass the time. I also can't take any of the traitor stuff it's trying to build up seriously at all. It needs to show that it has the balls for something like that. Mostly, I dread and fully expect we end up with the first season of Young Justice where it turned out everyone was fake traitoring all along.

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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    Kept thinking that first few minutes was going to cut away into a dream sequence and it just never did, weird.

    Last ten minutes or thereabouts was fun, would like more of that.