Release the Spyce #02 — Training Montage – Extended Version

October 13th, 2018


An entire episode just for this?


Big step down from last week, but that shouldn't be surprising when they removed all the actual ninja-ing and doubled down on the focus on the stupid Momo. I also don't believe for a moment that she's now going to be (relatively) competent despite having passed all her various ninja training challenges or whatever you want to call them. It would be a nice surprise if true, but no Symphogear's Hibiki is she. Besides, Hibiki had berserker mode as a base and just a minute or two Chinese training montage, not an entire episode of being a bumbling airhead.

The main problem with the episode is the original Japanese sin, that it's all about DOING YOUR BEST. A similar framework would've probably worked fine had they spent just the first half on all the training stuff, then jumped into a mission where she put the lessons to practical use. Instead, she redoubles her DO MY BEST after seeing one of the others DOING HER BEST and then a montage of her passing the challenges. It really is like a montage that they decided to make an entire episode. There's no personal triumph here, lesson learned, hurdle overcome, anything that would provide catharsis. Hell, they couldn't even work the special licking people thing in well but had to invent a flimsy thing in the eleventh hour. There's just…. DOING HER BEST, until that's enough. At least the music is still… certainly something.

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  • anise_punter says:

    At least it’s still teaching kids that it’s cool to do drugs as long as you’re a cutesy-looking girl.


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