Release the Spyce #01 — Drugs are Cool

October 6th, 2018


Delicious drugs.


Starting out with girls spidermanning around before self-drugging to fight an army of Dr Wily robots to a Mission Impossible soundtrack? Yeah, I can get behind this. Wait, no. Why are we ditching this? Why have we shifted gears to a breathy spastic muggle? Why are we in highschool and now a cafe? Stop! Stop this now! Aaand now the muggle has special licking powers. Aaaaaand they're all licking each other. I think I've the thread here. Oh, we're back onto the docks for an all women murder gang of bodybuilders and robotists who's a little too… uh… exuberant about the whole thing. Sadistic joy I could understand. The whooping and hollering like they're at the carnival, not so much.

To be fair, the highschool bits are certainly in the minority of the runtime, and they're shoved into the middle where we can coast over them. Which isn't to say there aren't issues with the action parts either. The car chase starts with about two straight minutes of exposition, about thirty seconds are set to a shot of the skyline and gets worse from there. It's mostly pretty lighthearted though, and does a good job of demonstrating the protagonists as confident, competent characters to inspire the muggle through not one but two different adventures, so already twice what some other shows even attempted. Not so much that it couldn't use more of a budget to really make them badasses, but an attempt was certainly made, especially in the soundtrack department. The muggle's easily the weakest link though, and she is who it spends the most time concentrated on. Fix that, make her one of the cool kids too in a way that involves either less licking or a whole lot more, and don't let up on the ninja side of things, and this could be a nice little action show.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the Anime here try to ride the “Persona” setting just with Police officers thing.. That could explain the High-school setting

  • The Phantom says:

    Maybe there will a subplot where those drugs will make them go crazy and one of the girls would go on a rampage and behead several others, that would be interesting.