Million Arthur #01 — Recycled Footage

October 25th, 2018


The era of the gacha adaptation is not being kind so far.


Another show that mostly fatigues me. We could've gone in more of a Horizon direction, but instead opted for goofy. But not like Milky Holmes goofy. More of the kind of goofy that doesn't require a lot of work. The kind of goofy that involves people taking baths, people having meetings, and people sitting around eating cake. So a very low effort, low impact kind of 'wacky hijinks' that don't require much in the way of animation, and don't get it either. The kind where characters take pains to explain how wacky they're being by putting on a fanservice bunny girl costume and that's the whole joke. I suppose at least it left much of it a little understated, but that's only because it went for a more deadpan reaction to those 'gags' rather than having someone scream out that an unusual situation had occurred.

There's nothing going on with the plot or characters to carry this either. The 'plot' of the episode is the idiot is a leader of the new team who is skeptical of her. Then some dudes appear, they replay the intro hook around 18 minutes into the episode (and I'm not joking about recycling that already), and it's back to having cake and taking baths. The action animation is speedlines, the jokes are "hey, look, boobs and idiots," and the story is nonexistent. BUY OUR GACHA.

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