Merc Storia #01 — Like Pokemon, But… There’s No But

October 11th, 2018


All it's missing is Team Rocket.

In case you're curious, Million Arthur is running staff specials the next two weeks before its premiere on the 25th. They indicate that the series itself may turn out a bit… weird. Also, I need to go do some quick things. Karakuri Circus and probably Zombieland are on deck. It'll be an hour or so though.


Perhaps I should go easy on a show about goddamned Pokemon where they use the literal power of friendship to tame monsters and one of the characters is constantly screaming the same myu noise over and goddamned over, but it did just spend twenty minutes screaming that noise at me and cracking jokes like "He is useless and terrible at everything," "That may be a true thing for you to say but you did not have to say it!" The titular bottle fairy thing is particularly obnoxious as they've cranked the knobs for hyper, nasal, and 'cutesy' up to maximum, so everything out of her mouth is a yell at the top of the lungs, straight through the nose, with either a weird noise or some kind of affectation attached.

It's a more irritating Pokemon. If that's what you needed in your life, then go nuts. Replacing Pikachu with a slime thing in a floating bottle isn't exactly a world shattering change, but I'm not sure what else I could point to in this episode that it does differently. Hell, it has long info dumps about how much harmony people and monsters live in, except when you go outside the city into the tall grass. There's a bit where they go to the store and buy Repel. All it's missing really is Team Rocket and the gacha tie in to the actual game. No doubt that'll be coming next week. Didn't want to blow the entire tutorial in the first episode after all.

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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    That fox thing is just another Eeveelution, with something taped to it’s tail, and Pikachu’s back markings, and that dragon, is Druddigon, with a little bit of Hoopa mixed in.

    They didn’t even try.


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