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October 11th, 2018


Nice faces.


If you need a kid dead, you can just shoot him. You know that, right? There's no need to involve magical puppets, let alone dress them up as conspicuously as possible and then send them out in cockamamie schemes to crash trains thereby giving you a chance to… extendo-arms at it? Wait, you didn't even give these things a real weapon? Even Dr. Wily has more foresight than these bozos. Then again, they're up against someone who goes out in public wearing a skintight leotard covered in sequins, a guy who has asthema attacks that can only be cured by the power of childrens' laughter, and a child who spends the entire episode crying. His big moment is being told to believe in himself and not to give up, whereupon he ineffectually throws a rock… while crying. What a triumph of the human spirit.

No Vanishing Line is this. Too much snot, crying, and yelling at and about goddamned everything, not to mention, again, the total lack of animation. Production matches the writing. It's bad. Fights are explosion noises and then quick cuts over a series of stills with the impact animation filter effect applied. Long, lingering motionless pans over characters posing. And the art is… exactly what you'd expect from a 90s Jump knockoff. They did sort of animate both the suitcasing and de-suitcasing of the good puppet though, so at least they already have their stock animation 'transformation' sequence ready to go. That's something, right? 


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