Hinomaru Sumo #01 — Punching Tree Grants +20 Endurance

October 5th, 2018


I question the physics here.


I did my time in sports shows for the year with girls volleyball. Boys sumo… Jump boy's sumo…is a tough sell to start with, and this is Jump. Where the dudes are just straight up immune to being punched in the face because they did ten thousand situps and believe in the heart of sumo. Where adults don't exist and bullies run rampant for no purpose other than torturing their peers yet have an advanced sense of honor to back down once someone has shown sufficient spirit. Where people talk by holding their mouths open and their teeth moving up and down. Where the world warps to accomodate you as long as you believe enough in yourself. Where sumo is just plain superior to all other sports and martial arts.

The dude's built like a truck and immune to physical damage, but the rulebook says that he's too short. That's the challenge he's faced with. That's the adversity before him that he must overcome. It's like the inverse Air Bud problem. The other 'normie' sumo dude isn't much better off. My favorite part was how when bullied, he declared he would quit sumo. Then, when he went to ask the bullies not to do anything, they gave him the ultimatum that he has to quit sumo. Apparently the writers forgot about the previous scene because this demand to do the thing that he just said he was going to do rocked him to his core. 

In short, a Jump show. Not even a high end one at that.

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One Lonely Comment

  • PP says:

    I actually read the manga for this somehow and it’s like, it’s actually pretty random. Sometimes it’d actually get frustrating because someone would lose for no real reason other than the author deciding they shouldn’t win right now.