Giant Title, Many Colors #01 — Subtlety With Colors

October 5th, 2018




I spent much of this episode amusing myself by thinking how much better it would've been had the grandmother been a right bastard. "I saved up for this magic time travel thing." "I don't want to go." "Listen here, you little brat, screw what you want, screw your friends, screw your life, you're going to bang one of my teenage friends and you're going to like it." It's essentially what she did, after all. It's not like our protagonist made much of a case for herself either. She's color blind and exhibits all the classical signs of depression. It's a triumph of her spirit when she figures out how to unlock a window. That would be the only bit of emotion or even interaction with the world at all Depresso shows until the climactic moment at the end where she apparently hallucinates a magical fish bringing color back into her world when she sees a boy's terrible drawing of it.

I guess you could say that it's probably a pretty good representation of depression; shambling through the world not wanting to do anything and feeling like nothing matters, right up until the ending when seeing someone's random picture restores life to the entire world. So I guess probably not that either. It doesn't make for an interesting character or show though. An angsty teenager shambles lifelessly through the day, ignoring all the people trying to be her friends and/or who think she's banging their friend. It doesn't make a case for why there needs to be magic, let alone time travel magic. It doesn't make much of a case for anything except "Whoa, dramatic teenagers. Melodrama, yeah? Yeah." Thanks for another entry into your own personal genre, PA Works.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • PP says:

    And you can just guess the grandma is gonna be all wacky and stuff as a teenager. I seriously couldn’t process this plot setuo.

  • The Phantom says:

    Female lead is awful, rest of the show is a snorefest, was falling sleep 5 minutes in.