Boarding School Juliet #02 — Already to the Crossdressing

October 12th, 2018


Why not?


I gave both this and that PA Works magic colors thing a once-over, but I don't have much new to say about either. It continues to be a depressed girl shambling around, but this time spending almost the entire episode in high school with no magic or whatnot, while the adventures of Shouty and Miss Perfect here continue to just shout and stand on a pedestal. I think it's the way that this is trying to take the bare minimum of every gesture and make massive amounts of hay out of it while not actually going anywhere or doing anything that annoys me so much. Have an actual relationship. Throw a real trial at them, not this goddamned "I bought a cheap trinket but OH MY GOD I CAN'T GET UP THE NERVE TO GIVE IT TO HER OOPS, IT BROKE" and then trying to wring all manner of emotion out of that. Well, that and all the shouting and repetition. Good lord, it's the second episode. It's five minutes into the second episode. Why has this been nothing but repeating the already repetitive first?

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  • Kitsu says:

    This is romance, aparently
    Hard to believe.