Boarding School Juliet #01 — Shouteo and Boringiet

October 5th, 2018


I guess we're just on to the rapist part of the day.


It's kind of funny how far they go with the subordinates to make the main pair the only decent characters. On one side, they're beating up little kids. On the other side, they're attempted rapists and murderers. We may be a little unbalanced here. The writing's a bit of a… what's the word… ah, yes, a pisser. The big emotional exchange starts with "Were you trying to rape me, or protect me from a gangrape ambush by three armed guys? If it was to protect me, that's even worse." Uh, having a hard time buying into your revelation moment, guys. We need to recalibrate more than a few bars for this to induce any kind of emotion besides exasperated eyerolling.

That would undercut most of the rest of the episode's content though, yelling. Just… constant nonstop yelling. It's a hard enough sell that the guy who yells out literally every thought that comes into his head has a hidden depth of complex emotions underneath the surface, but that's the product we decided to go with. Juliet, meanwhile, is totally flawless in every way, wants world peace for everyone, donates to Doctors Without Borders, works at the soup kitchen on Tuesdays, and knits sweaters for baby penguins… except for the aforementioned soft stance on rape. Maybe her tediousness and dullness is supposed to be a contrast to Mr. Shouty. The long and short is that neither are particularly interesting, charismatic, nor have any real chemistry since one could be replaced with an inert iron rod… provided that rod has some weird views on rape. And with characters that either bore or annoy, I have a real hard time wanting to see more of this character driven thing.

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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    The way you italicized “a pisser” made me think for a second it was a french turn of phrase for a style (pronounced with the ol’ accent aigu) and I was trying to recall what it could possibly be.

    will probably end up screencapping this entire series for the female lead’s hair alone (okay, hair and garters)