Sirius the Jaeger #11 — The Betrayal and Jobbing Episode

September 20th, 2018


Oh no. Not random unimportant side characters. No. Don't. Stop.


Another episode where I'd love to have a chance to talk to the writers just to ask them what the hell they were thinking. Tex turns out to be a secret vampire, except he's not one of the bad ones. Also, Yuliy knew this all along because of the look in his eyes. What did this change? What point did this have? None at all, because Tex's purpose in this story was to beat the minibosses so he could job to the main boss. Also, what was the main boss's big plan for the ark? To eat it. That's the cliffhanger for the ending. The big boss eats the ark, transforming him into Super Vampire III. Gee, I sure hope Yuliy manages to use his werewolf powers for the first goddamned time in the show to beat him. With the power of brotherly love, obviously. Meanwhile, remember the other silent miniboss that Mikhail jobbed to? His purpose was to get one-shot by artillery from the rest of the sidekicks showing up. How fitting.

Otherwise, basically the same as the last few episodes. Yuliy spent most of it not actually fighting Mikhail, but whining in his face about daddy, the ark, and he didn't understand anything. Mikhail temper tantrummed right back about how it was all for Yuliy's sake and he didn't understand anything. Girls, you're both the most sufferingest at the ball. Tex's 'fight' against the girls was more vague floating around than actually doing anything, and since the budget was exhausted in the opening minute of the fight, that's a hell of a long time spent floating around. But I think my favorite piece of stupidity may be the two muggles who spent literally the entire episode either being gormlessly held hostage, or gormlessly standing there with their guns out. They did literally nothing at any point but stare like startled guinea pigs. Truly vital characters for the story.

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