Sirius the Jaegar #10 — Anyway, Here’s Another Excessively Extended Flashback

September 13th, 2018


Daaaaad! I'm all grown up now!


This episode peaked pretty early when Tex shot one of the grunts about four times in the only armored part of the body, knocking its helmet off, whereupon Yuliy lightly stabbed it in the unarmored chest, instantly killing it and kicking off a 2.5 minute monologue. The rest of the fight scene was spent literally running in circles around flamethrower and tank until they caused an avalanche, not that that stopped the monologuing. Most of the rest of the episode was spent in a flashback after Yuliy stepped into the werevampire Lazarus pit, transporting him to the past (for people discussing how big ark ownership responsibility is) and/or alternate daddy dimension (for discussing how big ark ownership responsibility is) where he would throw a tantrum about how daddy was right about ark ownership responsibility, but he's not a little kid anymore! He's a real grown up now and can be trusted with the keys to the ark! So he is. The end.

But at least the annoying girl didn't show up at all this week. That's worth something… sort of. Then again, Yuliy's becoming increasingly indistinguishable from a spoiled 16 year old throwing an extended tantrum about not getting a corvette for his sweet sixteen. He doesn't want it for any particular reason, just because it exists. And probably so he can lord it over his brother and his brother's cool friends to show off how cool he is. At this point, my only hope for this parking lot car crash of a show is some slick fight scenes to close things out, but even that feels like a long shot.


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