Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs #07 — More Dragon Reprobates

August 25th, 2018


Dragons are getting a bad rap this season.


Well, it's making overtures about a somewhat more serious arc, which could have been a good thing for the show, providing a little direction and purpose. Could have. Wasn't. Well, it wasn't really worse than any other episode either, which was perhaps the main issue. It was pretty much the same as any other episode, complete with fanservice cosplay montage. The main antagonist introduced is just an intentionally perverted version of the main character, and the other one exists only to hit him for being so. Even when just limited to molds this show itself is using, we're not breaking any with either of these.

The bigger problem was probably on the protagonist side though, especially with how prominant they made the nasally shrieking tanuki. God, was that thing especially obnoxious. Even with the show's relatively poor production, they could've done a bit more or better with ninja and punchy's invasion of the castle. Those two are the only competent people in the entire cast. The first time they worked together was one of the… I hesitate to say stronger, but less mediocre… segments the show has had, so just punting on it entire for blushing about being in the general proximity of boobs for about three straight minutes before walking straight to the front door to have about a twenty second stare-off to end the episode on a supposed cliffhanger was… not living up to even low expectations.

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