Stage Girls #04 — City Tour

August 2nd, 2018


What a nothing of an episode.


Welp, I'll give next week's episode a glance to see if anybody murders anybody else, but barring something along those lines, I'm out. This episode was simpering nothing, tripling down on the vague friendship and vague "let's be stars because stars" based on vague memories of some vague play they saw. And that was it. One wandered off to remember. The other chased after her, also remembering. And then they friendshipped together. These characters are insipid ninnies and they're neither doing anything nor is there any reason to like or care about them.

No telepathic giraffe at all this week. No fighting. Just that. Even if the vague things were being intimated to be fronts for cannibalistic rape cults, it would have still been a pointless episode, and since they were just fronts for "yay idols!" there's not even that to latch on to.

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