Muhyo & Roji’s Supernatural Investigation #01 — Stalkers

August 3rd, 2018


Were we supposed to feel pity for the crazy shrieking stalker?


And with this, a shrieky Jump show, half terribly animated, half unanimated altogether, our final show of the season airs. And what a mess it is. The melodramatic backstory that's supposed to wring out the emotions is the real winner here. Girl meets girl. They become friends. Girl becomes friends with other girls. Other girl ambushes girl on the subway, grabbing her and ranting about how she's not allowed to wear her hair differently without permission. Yes, all the true hallmarks of innocent friendship and betrayal. I definitely empathize with that.

Or maybe it's the wide eyed sidekick, no stranger to shrieking hysterically himself despite supposedly being a practiced hand at things. You'd think they'd use the muggle for expositional purposes, but no, they've got him. A gawking simpleton there mainly to look aghast at unfolding events and to ask what's going on. And what is going on? Well, monster appears, and dude goes "Monster away!" except with about fifteen more syllable, and then they stand around explaining what happened. Another thrilling Jump production.

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